Matthew arnold versus aristotles poetics essay

A considerable contribution to the knowledge of Aristotle came from the translations of the ancient commentaries; nearly all of these were made from the Greek. So, what does Aristotle say. Poetics Analysis Aristotle takes a scientific approach to poetry, which bears as many disadvantages as advantages.

This could range from an analysis of its ideals to interpretations of its symbolism. This may be viewed as the beginning of a new era of a scholarly and scholastic Aristotelianism in which Aristotle had to be taken as the basis for the acquisition of true knowledge in a number of fields.

Aristotle would not approve of all the subplots that occur within this play. We place a great deal more value on the individual, but to the ancient Greeks, individuality was seen as a negative thing because it was anti-social, which they believed would lead to social breakdown.

Because we can let go of it, the emotional intensity of art deepens us, whereas emotional intensity in life often just hardens us. What makes a great tragedy. His uncle is so upset and flustered by the play that he runs from the room.

Literary criticism

II Poetics Today 24 Berns goes on to explain that not only is art to imitate what is "actual in nature," but the perfection that is potential in nature as well. Hamlet is an excellent example of this.

His contributions to science include the scientific method, andvarious postulations in Physics. The Politics of the Coup de Theatre. With Aristotle, tragedy acquired a definition with which all that belonged to this class could be so classified on the basis of what made them similar to each other.

The poet is only a catalytic agent that fuses varied emotions into new wholes. Eliot's views on the nature of poetic process are equally revolutionary. His criticism was revolutionary which inverted the critical tradition of the whole English speaking work.

This idea is known as hylomorphic.

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The work has greatly influenced the development of literary criticism and continues to be regarded, in the words of Lane Cooper, as "one of the most illuminating and influential books ever produced by the sober human mind.

Many critics feel that they now have a great plurality of methods and approaches from which to choose. What came to be called Averroism was in fact a tendency to accept genuine or consistent Aristotelian tenets, particularly those concerning the eternity of the world, the unity of the intellect, and the ability of humans to achieve happiness on earth.

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Aristotle's contribution to literary criticism is the idea that poetry is an art with an object of its own.

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The value of imitation: a vision of Aristotle's Poetics Aristotle wrote his Poetics thousands of years before Matthew Arnold's birth. His reasons for composing it were different from Arnold's reasons for using it as an element of his own poetic criticism.

A Short Summary of Aristotle’s Poetics. Oct Posted by interestingliterature. His essay is an early example of Empiricism – a philosophical tradition which regards observation of sense experience as the basis of knowledge.

Misfortune versus tragedy – there is unsurprisingly a very big gap between the way we view life and the. Hamlet Analyzed in Terms of Aristotle’s Poetics Essay. Aristotles Poetics is considered the guide to a well written tragedy; his methods have been used for centuries.

Matthew arnold versus aristotles poetics essay
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